Our Services

Web Solutions

We have a team of industry best system analysts and system architects. Our strength lies in understanding and knowing your business the way you do. For each customer, we invest our all efforts and time to analyze their business workings before designing or defining a solution.

Sound knowledge of system analysis and understanding the customer requirtment plays a major role in providing the best web solution. This is the way we prefer to provide a web solution to our customer, which truly benefit to the end user. With the unique combination of industry best developers and most recent and stable technologies, we provide custom made web solution that our customer required.

E- commerce

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the most sought-after application in the wide world of internet today. More and more businesses are adopting it. iBit Solution specializes in providing most reliable, extendable and robust e-commerce programming services to enhance e-commerce transaction for our clients.

We know and understand the latest information technologies (IT) that are in market to provide your business platform to reach millions of online users. The continuously changing and evolving market trends have made business more attractive and more accessible reach to more prospective customers through Internet.

We offer you a wide range of e-commerce business services that can help you in reaching to millions of internet users and helping you in achieving desired organizational growth. This comprises of harmonious and congenial combination of revenue and net cost of investment on online e-commerce shopping tools.

We provide e-commerce solution including shopping cart generation, online order processing using secured credit card integration with your merchant account and preferred payment gateway, processing of e-checks, recurring billing, to finding you most appropriate payment gateway according to your business needs and much more. In total, it's all e-commerce services starting from project initiation and process flow building to order processing, all sort of e-commerce services under a secure roof. We also provide solution using open source shopping cart framework available in the industry like, Joomla, OsCommerce, WordPress, zencart etc.

Process Optimization

We provide technical expertise and out industry experience in order to help organization who address the challenge of process optimization. Any manual / semi manual process has a chance to be improved, and can be made more efficient. Our research and development team help companies to optimize their manual / semi manual web related process, which eventually facilitates continuous organizational improvement in turn of leads to excellent productivity and high efficiency.

Application Management

iBit Solution application management service are integrated with a combination of new technologies and innovative ideas. We provide concrete support at various stages of application management starting from the initial level to final delivery.

Work performance is measured during each phase for accuracy and productivity. Testing is also taken care of along with the maintenance of the application. Apart from this, our team can also help you gain proficiency in the enhanced application.

Product Development

iBit Solution product development services caters product organization design, build, test and maintain high-quality and reliable products, components and modules economize development cost, well-timed and decrease certainty. iBit also offers aid during the concept development phase.

Forming the base for providing customer focused software product engineering and development services. Product development at iBit is a highly specialized service aimed at leading-edge technology project for software companies and large enterprise clients. Our focus on services to create a quality product with faster time-to-market and reduced engineering cost. Working closely with our clients, we address their product development projects flexibly.

  We Offers

    Professional consulting in software product engineering, customization and integration.
    We propose product prototyping and proof-of-concept custom software development.
    Joint application development.
    Software testing, website testing and validation.
    Software product up-gradation.

Application Re-engineering & Re-design

Application re-engineering services by iBit bring you the benefit of upgrading your legacy system to the contemporary platform with easier navigation at the same time retaining the basic foundation of your system. Incase your application need run up in swiftness, better usability or up-gradation to another technical platform, consolidation or defined process and methodology or a user-friendly architecture. Our team at iBit with its experience and classic example creates application with best suited for your requirements.

In order to upgrade framework and application to keep pace with increasing challenge and objective to be meet in a short span of time, business increasingly opting for application re-engineering. There is a race to keep up with cutting edge technological advancement for increased productivity. We follow a structural and a phased process covering the entire life cycle of the application where the performance of the application is consistently monitored for any gaps.

Our strong work out and accomplishment of each phase reduce the risk factor to the minimum. We import trustworthy and secure applications worked on by the best practices in the industry. Attention is also paid to quality application matching any other in the industry. With its application re-engineering services, iBit helps their clients globally, and increase their productivity and overall ROI.

Application Migration

iBit application migration solutions are tailored to help organization deal with their out-dated technologies. We address issue where in application span multiple database, languages and different system and offer migration solution that allow seamless migration of application from one environment to another. Through our migration solution, we enable organization to manage and structure their IT architecture and there by, minimize their IT investment and enhance business performance.

iBit Solution with its services can provide not only new life to your application while retaining but also even enhancing their incumbent value. With the help of our substantial pool of resource our service-oriented, component-based architecture is back up. iBit puts in front of you a wide and complete range of services in the application transformation life cycle from planning through implementation.

Database Development

iBit lay down database development services for Oracle, MySQL and other leading RDBMS. Our adroit database developers with the rich knowledge can work directly with your in-house staff or, if the situation mandates, they can rather develop the entire project from design through training and implementation. iBit also provide a wide bracket of database service, development of custom business database software and e-commerce database software.

Design Services

iBit web design has years of graphic design and progressive HTML and CSS experience using the latest browser technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, CSS5, jQuery, Javascript library. Our photoshop and dreamweaver experience help us to create unique and evocative page layout and advertisement imaging quickly and efficiently. We carefully interview and observe our clients and examining their work flow and requests. And involve them in every step of way to provide an attractive design sensible for the modern website.

Server Administration

iBit web design has worked as both contractor and employee for companies of all size. We started over one year ago to provide professional UNIX, Linux, Microsoft server administration, Security services etc. We can offer you to our expertise in upgrading, securing and maintaining your web servers to ensure minimal down time and catch potential load and availability issues before they happen.